Taśma termoostrzegawcza
Taśma termoostrzegawcza
Taśma termoostrzegawcza

Heat detection tape

The Heat Detection Tape is a self-adhesive warning tape with a unique feature of hot surfaces detection. It is designed to sensor and to provide visual recognition of surfaces where the temperature exceeds safe level for people and there is a high probability of thermal burns.

When the applied surface exceeds the temperature of approximately 60°C the tape changes color from black to vibrant red and exposes the hot surface warning symbols. As soon as the temperature drops, the symbols disappear and the tape returns to its original color.

Product destined for surfaces with a periodical temperature change. In case of a constant exposure to the maximum temperature, the actual service lifetime may be shorter than declared.

The Heat Detection Tape has a wide field of application and it increases the level of safety of industrial installations, engine rooms, offshore platforms or any other places at risk of heat burns as a result of a skin contact with a hot surface.


Heat Detection Tape
Product code Dimension Thickness
T-TO/50 50 mm x 5 m 0,4 mm
T-TO/75 75 mm x 5 m 0,4 mm
T-TO/100 100 mm x 5 m 0,4 mm


Heat Detection Tape – specification
Operating temperature -40°C to + 120°C
Application temperature -10°C to + 35°C
Shelf lifetime Undefined storage lifetime
Service lifetime 6 months – 2 years (depending on the frequency of exposure)
Solvent resistance Resistant to solvents and mild chemicals
Fungus resistance Resistant to fungi
Taśma termoostrzegawcza – specyfikacja
Temperatura robocza -40°C do + 120°C
Temperatura montażu -10°C do + 35°C
Okres przydatności do użycia Nieokreślony czas przechowywania
Żywotność 6 miesięcy – 2 lata (w zależności od częstotliwości narażenia na wysokie temperatury)
Odporność na rozpuszczalniki Odporna na rozpuszczalniki i łagodne chemikalia
Oporność na grzyby Odporna na zagrzybienie