Oznakowanie punktów odcięć
Oznakowanie maszyn tabliczki identyfikacyjne
Oznakowanie punktów odcięć

Installation and equipment labelling

Legible marking of individual parts of an installation is a crucial factor, which above all else guarantees occupational safety. It also makes access to the installation and its operation much easier. The most common form of marking industrial fittings and equipment is the placing of identification plates with the suitable description of the particular element directly on it or in its close vicinity.

The description can be in written form or encoded in an alphanumeric code, e.g. KKS. It should be remembered that both the description and the code should be brief and concise enough to make it quick for employees to read. When an alphanumeric code or descriptive abbreviations are used, an instruction of how to decode the plates should be compiled and made available to employees. The employees should also undergo appropriate training on how to read the code or abbreviations.