Naklejki i etykiety przeglądowe
Naklejki i etykiety przeglądowe
Naklejki i etykiety przeglądowe

Inspection stickers and labels

Labels and stickers designed and produced by Elmetal, which are used in inspections, calibration and maintenance processes, facilitate efficient management of device inspections dates.

The law necessitates inspections of the technical condition of devices, which are directly linked to their safety of use, and as a result, also the protection of health and life of employees.

The normal functioning of maintenance and repair departments requires the use of diverse types of signs, labels and stickers recording the calibration processes of machines, their technical inspections, sign-off procedures for scaffolding, lubrication of devices, etc. Modern management methods also require that inspections are conducted as part of preventive maintenance, for example, inspections of bearings.

The dates shown on labels are used for periodical inspections of the operation of machines and devices. We can mark the appropriate date with the use of a marker or by making a hole with a hole punch. After an inspection, we can affix a label or stick a sticker on a machine or other devices (also scaffolding, extinguishers, etc.).

Characteristic features of Elmetal inspection labels:

  • design suited to company requirements;
  • manufactured in line with applicable industrial standards;
  • resistant to oils, chemicals, adverse weather conditions, temperature and UV radiation;
  • the strong adhesive used adheres to practically any surface;
  • once removed, they leave no marks.