Tabliczki alucer
Tabliczki alucer
Tabliczki alucer
Tabliczki alucer
Tabliczki alucer

Alucer plates

Alucer is a special technology developed by Elmetal, which enables printing on aluminium. It is an excellent alternative to plastic and stainless steel plates. The limited temperature resistance of plastic plates and the inability of placing colour on stainless steel plates make Alucer plates a versatile option.

Our many years of experience and the use of the newest technologies guarantee the highest level of quality.

Advantages of the Alucer plates

  • a cost-effective solution when compared to other plate types
  • ability to use full colour printing
  • resistance to high temperatures (up to +1500C)
  • 5-year resistance to UV radiation
  • resistance to the most commonly used cleaning agents (ethyl alcohol, oils, acetone, low concentrated acids and bases)
  • the plates can be cleaned with high-pressure liquids

Production technologies

  • coating of aluminium sheets with a ceramic layer
  • printing
  • thermosetting at temperatures up to +1500C
  • finishing of the plate, after-machining (e.g. rounding of the edges), making mounting holes


  • data plates
  • identification plates
  • plates with manufacturers’ logos
  • information plates
  • warning signs
  • OHS signs