Taśma kolorowa
Taśma kolorowa

Coloured tape

Pipe marking color tape. The colour of the tape informs about the type of agent flowing through the pipe. These colours are regulated by commonly applicable standards and in-house regulations.

Pipe marking color tapes
Colour Roll width (mm)
40 80 100 160
White CT040-010  CT080-010 CT100-010 CT160-010
Yellow CT040-021   CT080-021  CT100-021  CT160-021
Red  CT040-031   CT080-031  CT100-031  CT160-031
Orange  CT040-035   CT080-035  CT100-035  CT160-035
Violet  CT040-040   CT080-040  CT100-040  CT160-040
Green  CT040-062   CT080-062  CT100-062  CT160-062
Blue  CT040-052   CT080-052  CT100-052  CT160-052
Black  CT040-070   CT080-070  CT100-070  CT160-070
Silver  CT040-090   CT080-090  CT100-090  CT160-090
Brown  CT040-801   CT080-801  CT100-801  CT160-801