Taśma wielofunkcyjna
Taśma wielofunkcyjna

Multi-function tape

Pipe marking multi-function tape. Manufactured to the design submitted by the customer. This type of tape combines several items of information: colour code, direction flow, description of the medium and warning pictogram.

Pipe marking multi-function tape
Colour Colour code Roll width (mm)
80 100 160
White 010 Method of creating an identification no.
1. Select tape width
2. Select tape colour
3. Add text
4. Select GHS pictogram
5. The identification no. shall be as follows:
MT [roll width]-[colour code]/[any text]/[pictogram code]Example:
Multi-function tape MT:
width 100 mm, yellow colour
GH02 pictogram


MT 100-021/TEXT/GH02

Yellow 021
Red 031
Orange 035
Violet 040
Green 062
Blue 052
Black 070
Silver 090
Brown 801