Taśma kolorowa ze strzałkami
Taśma kolorowa ze strzałkami

Coloured tape with arrows

Pipe marking colored tape with arrows. Coloured tapes with arrows identify both the type of the agent flowing through the pipeline (colour code) and the direction of its flow (arrow). For available sizes and colours see the table below.

Coloured tape with arrows
Colour Roll width (mm)
40 80 100 160
White AT040-010 AT080-010 AT100-010 AT160-010
Yellow AT040-021 AT080-021 AT100-021 AT160-021
Red AT040-031 AT080-031 AT100-031 AT160-031
Orange AT040-035 AT080-035 AT100-035 AT160-035
Violet AT040-040 AT080-040 AT100-040 AT160-040
Green AT040-062 AT080-062 AT100-062 AT160-062
Blue AT040-052 AT080-052 AT100-052 AT160-052
Black AT040-070 AT080-070 AT100-070 AT160-070
Silver AT040-090 AT080-090 AT100-090 AT160-090
Brown AT040-801 AT080-801 AT100-801 AT160-801