Tablice perforowane 5S
Tablice perforowane 5S
Tablice perforowane 5S
Tablice perforowane 5S

Perforated boards 5S

Perforated boards are made of 1.5 or 2 mm galvanized sheets which are powder coated. They allow for the placement of tools, production equipment or LOTO system components in an organised and preplanned way. These type of boards are also ideal as 5S cleaning stations.

Perforated boards can be adapted so that they can be mounted on a table top or mounted in standing structures with or without wheels. You can attach lock boxes and or tool boxes which are also part of our offer to these boards. Perforated boards can be additionally equipped with dry-erase boards, pockets and holders for documents or tags.

Self-adhesive labels used as shadows on these perforated boards can be of any colour. As preferred we can stick the shadows to the boards before shipping or prepare a set of do-it-yourself self-adhesive label set.

Available mounting hooks (for hanging tools, locks, etc.)

  • Single galvanized hook: length 100 mm
  • Double galvanized hook: length 100 mm (250 mm)
  • Galvanized hook: length 40 mm
  • Single plastic hook length 100 mm (two types)
  • Double plastic hook: length 53 or 100 mm (two types)
  • Brochure holders (can also be for other documents): for paper size 1/3 A4, A4, A5.