Naklejki na asfalt chodniki i bruk
Naklejki na asfalt chodniki i bruk
Asfaltowe naklejki
Naklejki na asfalt chodniki i bruk

Asphalt, pavement and unit paving stickers

The use of innovative film makes stickers for marking asphalt, pavement and unit paving easy to apply and remove, without the need to use heat. The stickers do not change their shape as they are made of polyurethane film, which contains aluminium. Asphalt stickers are made from self-adhesive film intended for road and pavement marking – the film effectively replaces the painting of short and medium-term markings depending on its place of use.

The stickers can be applied on surfaces such as asphalt, cement, unworked stone, paving stones and similar. The asphalt film is easy to remove and resistant to abrasion and other factors resulting from regular use.

The specially developed adhesive applied on the film can be used on very difficult, porous surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Sticker use

  • outdoor and indoor floor marking – in production areas and warehouses
  • information and warning marking near entrances, stairs, factory paved footpaths or car parks
  • temporary signage of hazardous areas
  • directional and health and safety marking in circulation routes
  • pedestrian crossings

Advantages of asphalt, pavement and unit paving stickers

  • superb visual effect
  • easy application and removal
  • perfect for rough, uneven surfaces with limited adhesion
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high adhesion and durability
  • PVC-free
  • excellent slip resistance – R12 certificate